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At Boland and Company Solicitors we have extensive knowledge in the areas of Succession, Wills and Probate Law. Our firm is dedicated to its private client base.

Our Probate team has wide experience in advising clients on all areas of succession law, wills and probate administration.

We understand the complexities that may arise for our clients and we aim to offer a personable and timely service working closely with our clients to ensure that their best interests are met now and into the future.

We also provide home visit consultations as we are mindful that some of our clients may not be in a position to attend our offices and we provide this service in a timely, professional and caring manner.

If you wish to make an appointment to speak to one of our team in relation to any of the above please feel free to contact our office via phone or through this website to arrange a consultation with one of our Solicitors.