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Probate Applications

When someone dies their executors, as appointed in their Will, or their next of kin, where no Will was made, must distribute the deceased’s estate as and per their wishes.
There are two main types of application which one can make in order to distribute a deceased’s estate-

1. Grant of Probate – if the deceased made a valid Will during their lifetime then a Grant of Probate can be obtained by making an application to the local Probate Office.

2. Letters of Administration – if the deceased did not make a Will or made an invalid Will then Letters of Administration will be applied for to distribute the estate to the next-of-kin of the deceased.

We can assist either the Executors or Administrators/Next of Kin of a deceased’s estate on their duties and obligations in their role from the initial procedures after the death to making the relevant applications to the Probate Office until the final distribution of the deceased’s estate and vesting of property.